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Give ANTURA fount a try

Do you want to give our fountain solution additive for sheet-fed offset presses a try? Request a free canister of ANTURA fount.

Try ANTURA fount AFS2
This fount can be used to print completely alcohol-free or with a low amount of alcohol (max 8%). It ensures a fast start-up, limiting your paper waste. ANTURA fount AFS2 has proven excellent plate protection and a powerful wetting capacity enabling a good ink/water balance at reduced water settings.

...or give ANTURA Fount AFS-k a go
What sets ANTURA Fount AFS-k apart is its versatility and performance across various ink types, including conventional, UV, and low-power UV inks.

This offer is limited to one trial kit per company. You will be contacted to make sure that the fount used during the trial is optimised for your printing conditions and requirements.


Fountain Solutions

ECO3’s top-quality fountain solutions are essential tools for printing with ultimate precision.

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