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Apogee #CountOnUs videos

During the Covid-19 pandemic, our services teams created a series of online #CountOnUs training and demo webinars to inform you about new products and services and help you make the most of your existing systems. Below are the English Apogee-related broadcasts.

Apogee v12 - What is new

Version 12 of Apogee will be available from late 2020 onwards. In this webinar Erik, Marc, Jurgen, and Michael provide a detailed overview of its new functions, including the enhanced Apogee Impose, WebApproval, WebFlow, and a brand-new Automate Task Processor. (100 minutes - created July 1, 2020)

Apogee WebApproval from your customers' point of view

Apogee WebApproval is a powerful way to engage your customers and involve them in the production of their jobs. In this session, we focus on WebApproval from your customers’ point of view and how it can be used to automate the production process and enhance your customer service model. (65 minutes - created Juli 31, 2020)

Remotely accessing and managing your system

Tips and tricks from the Agfa US Professional Services team on accessing your prepress workflow and data remotely and efficiently, essential when working from home or while on the road. (60 minutes - create April 17, 2020)

Remotely Collaborating with Clients on Print Production

Apogee Webapproval is an interactive portal for uploading and approving pages – resulting in fewer errors and more satisfied customers. It enables both your clients and team members to access jobs from their desktop computer or mobile device. (62 minutes - created April 24, 2020)

Essentials of Apogee Color Management

Achieving quality color in prepress is important for the final printed product. Understanding how to communicate color and how color is managed within your prepress workflow will help you to achieve the goal of consistent color throughout your graphic enterprise. (59 minutes - create June 8, 2020)

Getting the most out of your Apogee System

Topics covering in this session: what works in your environment, optimizing your efficiencies, innovating with how you use your system, and useful tips for prepress performance. (30 minutes - created May 15, 2020)

Understanding & Utilizing Apogee Preflight

Preflighting files is essential for maximizing print quality and avoiding reprints. Our US Professional Services team cover Apogee Preflight details, rendering standards and file issues, providing feedback to you and your customers, and using actions to facilitate automation. (64 minutes - May 22, 2020)

Planning Your Web to Print Strategy

In today’s business climate web-to-print is more important than ever. A well planned and executed storefront can help you to gain new customers, retain clients, and increase orders. Join us to explore the opportunities afforded by web-to-print, and best practices for success. (67 minutes - created May 20, 2020)

Apogee Prepress System Maintenance & Performance Tuning

Ken, Linda, Mark, Nancy, and Peter from our ECO3 US Professional Services team discuss tuning your Apogee system for peak performance, monitoring system maintenance, ‘dialing in’ your system, and things you should be aware of. (62 minutes - created June 5, 2020)

Did You Know - A Round Robin Panel Presentation

The US Professional Services team share their favorite tips and tricks for using Apogee Prepress, covering topics like raster preview, job merging, copying pages, spot color screen angles, the imposition report, auto crop color bars, remote color audit, and singling. (70 minutes - created June 12, 2020)

Apogee Impose Resources - The Key to Automation

Apogee Impose is set apart from other imposition software because it is resource instead of template driven. This results in greater automation and flexibility. This webinar covers the resources within Apogee Impose that can help to manage these important objectives. (68 minutes - created June 17, 2020)

Digital Print Link - The key to digital integrity

Integrating digital printing into the production process has become an essential step toward improving efficiencies, automating production, and reducing costs. This session covers the different ways in which Apogee can be used to process data for output on digital presses. (58 minutes - created July 16, 2020)