ECO3 SPIR@L at NY Daily News
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New York Daily News raises the bar on newspaper print production

ECO3’s SPIR@L screening improves ink yield over 8%, maximizing results

The New York Daily News has been serving the working people of New York since 1919. As one of the largest circulated metropolitan daily newspapers in the U.S., the Daily News is committed to informing, inspiring, and engaging the tri-state community. The award-winning newspaper was the first daily printed in tabloid format.

Recently, the Daily News evaluated suppliers and decided to extend its partnership with ECO3, previously Agfa Offset Solutions. The newly appointed senior director of manufacturing at the Daily News, John Frahm, noticed print variations to resolve. Calibrating the presses would reduce the inconsistencies. He pulled in ECO3 sales and professional services to help.

John frahm

“I was excited we decided to go with ECO3. I knew we needed to optimize the entire process, from photo editing to output on press, and I wanted skilled partners who could help calibrate each step. My goal was to maximize what our presses are capable of achieving. We wanted a higher contrast and color consistency,”

John Frahm, Senior Director of Manufacturing - New York Daily News

Lower ink-water balance, sharper dot and less waste

The Daily News pressroom team improved the print process starting with ECO3’s violet chemistry-free plates. “The moment we started testing the N95-VCF plates, dampening went down 15 to 20 percent,” states Frahm. “With that, I knew everything would improve. Now we're getting consistent press performance with a better ink-water balance, sharper dot, higher trapping percentages and less waste.”

N95-VCF is a negative-working, high-speed, chemistry-free plate offering run lengths up to 300,000. It saves water and eliminates developer and replenisher with a pH-neutral clean-out solution. The environmentally- safer N95-VCF provides outstanding lithographic quality with easy handling and excellent durability.

The moment we started testing the N95-VCF plates, dampening went down 15 to 20 percent.

John Frahm

The Daily News installed ECO3’s SPIR@L screening technology to maximize results, which achieved higher contrast and a wide color gamut. SPIR@L screening controls the ink application, allowing for printing with a thinner ink layer. The traditional dot is replaced with a more economical spiral shape, requiring less ink to fill the exact same space, resulting in a crystal-clear image. After six months, ink yield improved by 8.56%.

SPIR@L screening

A new quality standard in newspaper printing. SPIR@L is ECO3’s latest patented screening technology. Based on the fundaments of Sublima screening, it allows you to hold a 1-99% dot. The result is striking image quality with reduced image slur. It doesn’t break the bank either: SPIR@L requires zero expensive upgrades for your CTP or printing press.

Higher contrast and improved color with less ink

“ECO3 products and professional services have been exceptional. The ECO3 team has played an invaluable role in supporting the New York Daily News’ efforts to achieve superior print quality. Implementing chem-free N95-VCF plates and SPIR@L screening maximizes our entire print production. And with the help of professional services, we have our dampening and ink curves right. And, the highlights look far better. Plus, we can standardize photo quality with ProImage’s new OnColor image software.”

Customers see improved quality

From software to plates to output, optimizing the entire process achieves the best possible image sharpness, detail, and color gamut for the Daily News. The proof is in their customer’s responses. Clients have expressed their delight and appreciation for the quality improvements made so far.

According to Frahm, the publisher of one of their largest weekly newspaper customers reported, ‘I’ve always been happy with your print quality, but the quality I’m getting today has never been better.’ And it’s exciting because these outstanding results are just the beginning.

For Frahm and the Daily News pressroom team, achieving superior print quality will solidify its leadership position in the New York market, reinforce the brand as the country’s leading tabloid and raise the bar on newspaper production in the United States.