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WebPrint relies on PrintSphere to automate and back-up customer files input

Irish newspaper and magazine printing company WebPrint exchanged its traditional FTP servers for ECO3’s PrintSphere. The result is an automated file input process and a secure backup and recovery if need be.

Enhance and automate customer file input process

For several years WebPrint Cork, an Irish newspaper and magazine printing company, had used simple FTP servers to receive customer files and automatically pass them on to their Arkitex Production software for processing and plate making.

Barry Noonan, Production Manager - WebPrint

Last year, after some discussion with ECO3, the company began testing PrintSphere. “From the start we believed it could resolve several issues with FTP transfer as well as provide a more secure and reliable platform”, says Barry Noonan, Production Manager WebPrint Cork “One evening while experiencing some difficulty with file receipt via our FTP, we began the process of setting up these customers on PrintSphere. Within ten minutes, the system was up and running and we were receiving pages once again.”

"It only took us ten minutes to set up the automatic file input process."

“We continued with this method for a couple of months at the end of 2019 and never experienced any difficulty”, Noonan adds. “In fact, customers were surprised at how fast the file transfer process was compared to normal FTP speeds. Consequently, we transferred the other customers to PrintSphere – all done remotely. The response was so positive we have kept them on PrintSphere since.”

The next step was to get the system fully automated to redirect incoming files directly to WebPrint’s Arkitex Production system. “With the help of ECO3’s technical support team, this was done over an afternoon and we now have a simple, effective, secure and fully automated file receipt system in place.”

Safely store input files and be ready for the worst

Noonan continues: “Looking further, we wished to back up the input files received from our customers and maintain them as a separate copy in the cloud, ready to use in case something should go wrong. The files can be downloaded at any time and be used to resume printing at the same location if possible, or at a print partner otherwise.”

“Another advantage of PrintSphere is that when used for disaster recovery purposes, it provides a two-way traffic system with other print sites. One folder can be used to transfer files out should we be unable to produce, or to receive files from another site should they be experiencing difficulties.”

Thanks to PrintSphere, we have a backup at any time, and can recover files and print them at another site if needed.

“Overall, our experience with PrintSphere has been a very positive one. It is simple to use, simple to add new customers and, now that it is fully automated, requires no input on a day-to-day basis from us.”


PrintSphere is a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service solution for standardized data exchange and workflow automation.

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