Aluva N

Negative-working plate for UV CtCP systems

Are you looking for a negative-working plate that can be used for a wide range of purposes? This is it: the Aluva N serves all your printing needs from the smallest sheet-fed printer to the largest commercial operation. This versatility is a result of the unique combination of two technologies: UV-sensitive plate coating together with the grained and anodized aluminum substrate.

Expect outstanding performances, such as a stable ink/water balance, low dampening levels, and a fast start-up – even after a press stop-down. Integrate Aluva N with a computer-to-conventional-plate system by Lüscher, and exceed those expectations.

Aluva n plates 1200x800
Aluva n plates 1200x800


Aluva operator 1200x800

Specifically designed for CtCP applications

Capable of 200 lpi in combination with Lüscher’s Xpose! UV setters

Durable & high quality

Outstanding lithographic print results for run lengths up to 250,000


Perfect for a wide array of applications, including stochastic screening

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