Chemistry-free offset plates

N95-VCF belongs to ECO3’s range of photopolymer offset plates for the newspaper industry. Like other violet offset plates, it is sensitized for visible lasers emitting at 405 nm, but instead of requiring a chemical developer for processing, it is designed for chemistry-free operation.

This chemistry-free plate works with all mainstream violet CtP units currently in use at newspaper print sites across the world. It is the most environmentally friendly plate on the market. Using a pH-neutral clean-out solution saves 100 percent of water and eliminates the use of developer and replenisher.

ECO3 N95 VCF plates 1200x800
ECO3 N95 VCF plates 1200x800


ECO3 N95 VCF visual 1200x800

High robustness on the press

N95-VCF excels when it comes to run length, dot gain, press roll-up…

Fast clean-up, make ready and restarts

This saves paper waste, time and money

Easy handling

Once cleaned out, the image contrast of N95-VCF plates is very high, allowing a faultless physical image inspection and as such avoiding confusion or mix-up on press.

The moment I started testing the N95-VCF plate, dampening went down 15 to 20%. With that, I knew everything would improve. We’re getting a lower ink-water balance, sharper dot, higher trapping percentages, and less waste with consistent press performance.

John Frahm, Senior Director of Manufacturing, Sun Sentinel
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