Press & Processor Maintenance

Pressroom supplies for offset printers

Our versatile range of cleaners perfectly matches our plate technologies in order to keep your equipment in optimal form and to let you achieve maximum productivity. 

Dried ink, blocked circulation pipes or dirty rollers? We know you need to keep printing without these time- and money-consuming interruptions. Our press and processor maintenance solutions keep your printing process under control by using dedicated products to avoid or quickly solve each possible issue.

Pressroom supplies specialities 1200x800
Pressroom supplies specialities 1200x800


Press operator

Easy to use

Quick and easy application
Suitable for a wide variety of presses

Contain corrosion inhibitor

Helps protect critical equipment and components from rust and corrosion, extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

Compliant to all applicable SHE&RA legislation

Create a safer and more environmentally responsible workplace, reducing risks to employees and mitigating legal and financial liabilities.

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