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ECO3 training programs increase the in-house technical knowledge of your employees. Seasoned trainers teach your team to operate a piece of equipment or software, and to understand the technology that makes it work. This allows your staff to identify and avoid potential problems in the future.

Such sessions also increase the motivation and dedication of your staff, because people feel more confident, and perform better in a variety of tasks.

We can offer standard and tailored training programs, one-on-one or for a group of people, in a classroom or online, at your facility or at an ECO3 location. Together, we will determine the most profitable approach for your business.

Training personal
Training personal

Types of training

  • CtP training - hands-on training for Avalon and Advantage platesetters, processors and clean-out units or robotic plate loaders. The training covers key machine functions, maintenance guidelines and troubleshooting tips.
  • Workflow training - learn how to make optimum use of ECO3's Apogee, Arkitex or Amfortis workflow software. Both introductory training and in-depth sessions on a particular module or prepress process are available.
  • Color management training - covers the fundamentals of color theory as well best practices and the practical use of related software.


We deliver one-on-one or group-based training sessions.

  • Online training - ideal for short sessions and Q&A-type education
  • On-site training - use the actual production environment at hand
  • Training at ECO3 facilities - ensuring your people can entirely focus on the topic being covered without any production-related interruptions.


  • Increased efficiency and quality
  • Fewer mistakes and more time gains
  • Heightened motivation of employees
  • Improved versatility of your staff
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ECO3 Solutions magazines highlight industry trends and our latest products and services. These 16- and 20-page PDF magazines are available in three editions aimed at commercial and packaging printers, flexo printers and newspapers. The magazines are offered in English, French, German and Spanish.

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