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Introducing Amfortis, the all-in-one workflow for offset packaging printing

Amfortis facilitates the lives of packaging converters by combining multiple unique software tools into one powerful production workflow solution. It complements ECO3’s offering for offset packaging, which already included durable printing plates and high-performing CtP systems.

ECO3 Amfortis visual 1200x800

From a single user interface, Amfortis guarantees first-rate print quality and consistency while streamlining all typical prepress tasks, such as design optimization, stepping & repeating, ripping and job management. The innovative software functions as an integrated command center – not only outputting printing plates and creating proofs, yet also driving digital presses or wide-format printers and cutting devices for sampling and short-run production.

To design Amfortis, Agfa Offset Solutions (now ECO3) built on over 25 years of experience and knowhow in workflow development. Packaging printers and converters can now enjoy the reliability and ease of use of ECO3’s proven Apogee processing architecture. Commercial printers who want to extend into packaging printing will be able to do so in no time and with very little effort.

Fratelli Roda SA, a Swiss printing company of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food packaging always on the lookout for business innovations, were the first to implement Amfortis: “The huge potential of Amfortis immediately became apparent”, says Gian Luca Pellegrinelli, Production Manager. “It has made our production process both faster and more secure, as it allowed us to eliminate intermediate steps. Our operators, who were already used to working with Apogee, feel that the interface is very intuitive.”

Stunning prints, lower ink usage

Amfortis incorporates ECO3’s standardization software PressTune, which guarantees absolute color consistency, and thus also smoother approvals, faster make-ready, and lower ink and paper consumption. Thanks to this reliable color reproduction, PressTune provides the perfect ground for ECO3's revolutionary screening technology SPIR@L to boost print quality while reducing ink coverage. It also forms the backbone for ECO3’s ink saving software InkTune, which can be applied on the extended color gamut separations supported by Amfortis. Through the integration with Arziro, Amfortis also lets printing companies add specific design elements to artwork for enhanced shelf appeal as well as brand protection.

“Packaging printing is a growing market segment, and the pandemic has even reinforced this through an increase in online shopping,” says Andy Grant, Global Head of Software at ECO3. “At ECO3, we pursue an integrated solutions strategy for all markets we serve. Amfortis is the final piece in the jigsaw for offset packaging. It also fits in our overall approach: we support the business growth of our customers by offering them cost-effective solutions that make their operations more sustainable, productive and convenient.” “Amfortis will become an on-ramp for commercial printers who are extending their capabilities with packaging services” adds Mark Lewiecki, Senior Product Manager at Adobe. “ECO3 customers will benefit from state-of-the-art technologies, including reliable, Adobe quality output and new packaging features in the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine. Congratulations to ECO3 on the launch of Amfortis!”