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Centro Stampa minimizes gum consumption and maintenance with Attiro clean-out units

Centro Stampa is the leading newspaper printing company in the southern part of Switzerland. Next to daily newspapers, the company also print weekly magazines. In February 2018, they added two Attiro VHS clean-out units to their existing CtP lines.

The two platemaking lines now consist of an Advantage N-DL, a high-speed Attiro VHS clean-out unit, and a punch and bending unit each, which handle about 100,000 m² of chemistry-free N95-VCF printing plates per year.

The Attiros consume 80% less than conventional processors. In addition, we only need to clean them every three months, as opposed to once a week before. And we no longer need to pay a third-party to dispose of our waste.

Stefano Soldati, Managing Director - Centro Stampa
Plate change
Equipment, plates, software & service - ECO3’s integrated solution helps Centro Stampa meet even the most difficult demands.

The switch from conventional processors to the eco-friendly Attiro clean-out units increased the efficiency of Centro Stampa’s prepress operations, and reduced their costs. Since the switch, they have saved a lot of money thanks to a much lower chemistry and water consumption, as well as a reduction of maintenance efforts and time.

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The OptiInk software has reduced Centro Stampa’s ink consumption with approximately 15%.