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Color House Graphics achieves a new business plateau with Apogee workflow

Color House Graphics (CHG) is a leading print provider that stands out in the industry for its unmatched, end-to-end book manufacturing. Its advanced technology provides customers with faster production and superior quality. Based in Grand Rapids, MI, CHG offers cost-effective, comprehensive solutions to publishers, authors, and print partners that consistently surpass expectations.

Derek Landheer, plant manager at CHG, adheres to the company’s philosophy of continually improving customer value through unique and innovative ways. To provide the best possible service, quality, and long-term solutions for their growing customer base, he sought more automation in prepress and switched to the ECO3 Apogee workflow.

A complete integrated workflow solution

“When we moved to Apogee, we streamlined production and cut our reworks by 30% in 3 months,” stated Landheer. “Its powerful imposition allows us to be more productive. We no longer have to sift through hundreds of static templates. Apogee saves time, reduces errors, and increases productivity.”

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Apogee software is a complete, integrated workflow solution that enables operators to control every phase of the production process from a single user interface. Print jobs consisting of multiple parts are processed in one flow. Apogee integrates and aligns different software modules into a common workflow to streamline automation.

“With our prior workflow, we had to manually choose the book size, sheet size, bleeds, and the gutter line for each book layout we printed,” explains Landheer. “A shop like ours handles two thousand or more different layouts. Picking those options correctly, based on how you are doing the book, was labor intensive. Apogee builds a layout for every job that is rules-based instead of sifting through hundreds of static templates. When we have a change, we update the info in a few spots, and every layout after that will apply those rules.”

Faster, simpler prepress interface

Apogee offers a faster and more intuitive prepress interface. Imposition schemes are calculated with minimal time, error, and paper waste. The workflow streamlines choices and settings, making press selection, picking binding styles, folding patterns, and marks straightforward. It also simplifies many moves necessary for book manufacturing, including adding inserts on separate presses, choosing paper sizes, and keeping full collation in order.

According to Landheer, the team makes less mistakes using the new workflow.

“Prepress can be a problem area if mistakes are not caught immediately before going to press. Fixes cost money. It’s more profitable to automate, especially in the front end. Otherwise, not addressing these problems can have a domino effect on the line when they’re not caught.”

Derek Landheer, Plant Manager - CHG

The Apogee system is not only easy to use but also easy to learn. The CHG operators quickly got up to speed, discovering that the software was manageable and user-friendly.

“I was very excited with how fast they started setting things up and how comfortable they were using Apogee,” adds Landheer. “For example, the interactive software allows for dragging and dropping, making the workflow natural and accessible.”

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With Apogee CHG is more productive, efficient and competitive

Overall, Apogee is making CHG more competitive. By streamlining the automation process from estimate to production, the company can take on more jobs and turn them faster with a simple, intuitive workflow.

My goal was to reappropriate at least 50% of a staff member’s time to other projects,” states Landheer. “As we evolve to the next business plateau, being more productive and efficient is our mantra, and Apogee is helping us get there. Already, we’ve reduced prepress labor by 20%.”

CHG is operating a higher standard of print production with Apogee. With a new, innovative workflow, the team can exceed customer expectations and provide best-in-class service and quality to authors, publishers, and print partners nationwide.


Innovate, interact, and optimize. That’s the Apogee workflow software philosophy with which you stay ahead of the competition. Because quality and efficiency can never be rated too high in the printing business.

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