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Any organization can benefit from the Apogee suite of workflow management products. With Apogee, ECO3 offers you a comprehensive and integrated workflow solution. It is designed by professionals for professionals and committed to offering the highest degree of reliability.

Keeping an overview of your PDF files with Apogee Preflight? Calculating the ideal imposition with Apogee Impose? Or saving on ink costs and expensive press time with InkTune? Choose without losing thanks to Apogee. It perfectly aligns and fuses different software modules into one streamlined whole.

With Apogee, you control every phase of the production process from a single user interface. Even jobs that consist of multiple parts are simply processed in one flow. The latest version brings new tools, improved performance, and a unique cloud-based solution.

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We installed Apogee 20 years ago, and it is working great for us. The use of built-in automation and integrated trapping has made a big difference in our overall productivity. The automation has only gotten better. What we do now takes half the amount of people which makes my job easier. Apogee is reliable, intuitive, faster, and easy to use, and it has only improved.

Beth Brandewie, Prepress Manager - Globus Printing & Packaging
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In general, Apogee has made my life easier. ECO3 has done a great job upgrading and staying current with new intuitive features that allow us to do more with less. Books that took hours to produce were accomplished in minutes making our operation faster and more efficient.

Mike Hegg, Prepress Manager - Journal Graphics
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Apogee is a game-changer. It allows us to run production faster with a hot ticket workflow, and it automates our imposition requirements without the hassle. It accurately renders and color manages our PDF's delivering predictable results and peace of mind. And the service is top-notch.

Jeff Swarek, Prepress Manager - Heeter
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