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Eclipse helps Litografía Francisco Jaramillo achieve smooth and stable print production

Colombian printing company Litografía Francisco Jaramillo recently switched to the process-free Eclipse plates. The robustness of the plates gains them valuable production time…

Litografía Francisco Jaramillo (Medellín, Colombia) has been in the market for 60 years. It specializes in publicity materials and packaging. In line with their environmental objectives for their production chain, the company recently switched to  process-free Eclipse printing plates from ECO3 (previously Agfa Offset Solutions). A decision that proved to be beneficial for multiple reasons…

“Eclipse is really easy to handle and enables us to save time, as there are no errors or scratches that might otherwise cause delays in the print production process. The plate also holds the dot very well on press, which allows us to obtain color stability throughout the print run. Eclipse enables us to live up to the quality standard that our customers need and expect from us.”

Jenny Urquina Motta, General Manager - Litografía Francisco Jaramillo

Eclipse Pro

Looking for a printing plate that combines the benefits of process-free technology with effortless printing? Eclipse Pro provides it all: great image contrast, high scratch resistance and excellent office-light stability.

Eclipse Pro process-free offset printing plate