Eclipse Pro

Process-free offset printing plate

With Eclipse Pro, the triple synergy of ultra-convenience, excellent and stable contrast and remarkable scratch resistance, translates to a significant reduction in waste – across paper, ink, downtime and labor. 

In addition to the elimination of processing equipment and chemicals, Eclipse Pro reduces energy use, and saves time on equipment  maintenance and disposal costs. As such, Eclipse Pro actively contributes to a reduction in the environmental impact of print production. 

Suitable for the commercial segment, it can be used with either conventional or H-UV/LED-UV inks.

Eclipse Pro process-free offset printing plate
Eclipse Pro process-free offset printing plate

The excellent and stable image contrast, along with the swift start-up of Eclipse Pro, makes it stand out among other process-free plates. I would definitely recommend Eclipse Pro to other printers.

Robert Lindahl, printer - Risbergs
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