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ECO3’s global offset plate manufacturing

Offset printing plates are high-tech products. During their production process, consistency, quality and sustainability are of the utmost importance and go hand in hand. At every step – from the sourcing of raw materials over coating, trimming, cutting, packing & stacking – quality is monitored using state-of-the-art devices.

As a leading global supplier of offset printing plates, ECO3 is well aware that only a meticulous production process – leaving nothing to chance – will yield top-quality, competitive offset plates that deliver flawless prints which satisfy both printers and print buyers. Quality cannot be allowed to vary.

All of our printing plates are produced conform the ISO 12635 standard, which is very specific regarding the tolerances for gauge, size... All of our printing plate manufacturing sites around the globe hold the ISO 9001 Quality certificate, the ISO 14001 Environment certificate, the ISO 45001 Safety certificate and the ISO 50001 (DIN 16001) Energy certificate.

Exactly which plant produces which type of printing plate for which customer, is a matter of efficient production and logistic planning. ECO3’s Total Quality Management processes have been rolled out globally, guaranteeing a consistent and identical high quality in each and every of our manufacturing plants across the world.

Whenever necessary, such approach would even allow a mixed supply of offset plates by different production sites, without customers noticing any difference in quality or performance.