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ECO3's PrintSphere Disaster Recovery secures newspaper printers’ daily print production

PrintSphere Disaster Recovery is a new module that provides newspaper printers with a secure backup that guarantees their newspapers will get printed in any event.

PrintSphere is a cloud-based, SaaS solution for standardized and efficient data exchange and workflow automation. Hosted by ECO3’s private and secure cloud, it makes it easy for printers to store data online and swiftly exchange files with any stakeholder.

Using the PrintSphere Disaster Recovery module, Arkitex workflow software users store all incoming publishing files in ECO3’s secure cloud in an automated way. In case of an emergency, a print partner or backup print site can get easy and fast access to the stored data and resume printing. This gives newspaper printers the guarantee that their daily newspaper will get printed – even if the press or the entire production site is down. PrintSphere Disaster Recovery also resolves potential issues with FTP transfer, including transfer speed, and provides a more secure and reliable platform.

WebPrint, Irelands’s largest independent newspaper printer, recently exchanged its traditional FTP servers for ECO3’s PrintSphere. “Thanks to PrintSphere, we now have a simple, effective, secure and fully automated file receipt system in place. Thanks to the Disaster Recovery option, we now also have a backup at any time, and can print them at another site if needed,” says Barry Noonam, production manager at WebPrint in Cork, Ireland. “We don’t need to do any maintenance on the system; it just runs fully automated in the background.”

Cloud solutions are ideal for printers of all sizes as they lower both capital and IT costs. We can offer our cloud customers absolute security and peace of mind thanks to mirrored data centers with 24/7 monitoring.

Rainer Kirschke, Market Manager Newspapers - ECO3