Advantage N

Newspaper CtP system

Advantage N is designed to meet your every need. Whether you are a modest local newspaper printer or the most ambitious high-volume publisher, Advantage N is the solution. That’s because this CtP platesetter family offers you a range of choices.

Choose from different plate-loading mechanisms and throughput speeds (up to 400 plates per hour) to fulfill your personal wishes. Rely on violet-laser imaging, with which Advantage N units can image both conventional and chemistry-free plates. Opt for unprecedented productivity with the Advantage N-PL.

Find what suits you best, yet always rest assured that you are choosing quality. Advantage N builds on the success of previous generations and gives you a competitive edge.

Advantage N Ct P 1200x800
Advantage N Ct P 1200x800


Advantage N PL plate loading

Fast and reliable plate making

Advantage CtP systems use violet-laser imaging technology for optimum reliability and speed, so you can extend editorial and advertising deadlines. Their robust and simple design ensures minimal maintenance and less downtime.

Cost efficient

Advantage systems offer quality at a reduced cost to help you grow your business.

Tailored to your needs

We offer a variety of choices for a customized CtP solution that meets your production requirements.

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