Avatar V-ZH

Chem-free violet printing plate

Avatar V-ZH is ECO3’s latest addition to the range of photopolymer offset plates for the newspaper industry. Avatar V-ZH requires zero heat for plate production. Based on the successful experience of our customers with the chem-free photopolymer plate N95-VCF, this newly developed plate technology supports the demand of newspaper printers to streamline production processes further and to reduce machine maintenance and servicing.

In addition, the reduction of waste and start-up time during the make-ready process, stability and linearity throughout the entire print run, and additional energy savings, will empower the daily production. Avatar V-ZH is sensitized for visible lasers emitting at 405 nm, and is designed for chemistry-free operation without any preheat process.

ECO3 offers fully integrated newspaper prepress solutions that come complete with CtP, clean-out unit (COU), printing plates and Arkitex workflow software.

Avatar V ZH offset printing plate
Avatar V ZH offset printing plate


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Reduces investment costs

The absence of a preheat unit saves energy and gains you floor space. It also means your air conditioning will no longer need to run full blast.

Easy to use

Once plates are cleaned-out and gummed, image contrast is excellent, allowing an easy visual inspection to avoid mix-ups on press.

High quality

Avatar V-ZH shows linear behavior on the press throughout the print run. It is suited for high-quality Arkitex Sublima screening.


High scratch resistance and high robustness on the press (run length, dot gain, press roll-up…)

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