Energy Elite

No-bake thermal plate

Energy Elite is an advanced, no-bake thermal plate technology. It’s fully compatible with UV and metallic inks and eliminates the need for baking, saving you on space and energy. It achieves runs up to 350,000 and, in harsh environments, up to 100,000 copies.

Energy Elite plates work seamlessly with all leading 830 nm thermal CtP systems. They use their own specific Energy Elite Improved developer, which ensures a long bath life, low chemistry consumption and clean processing.

Energy Elite visual 1200x800
Energy Elite visual 1200x800


Energy Elite visual2 1200x800

Save space and energy

Thanks to its excellent run length capability, you can skip the baking. You can however increase the run length by 50 to 100% by baking the plates.

Excellent print quality

The robustness of the Energy Elite plate guarantees its consistency of print and good chemical/solvent resistance.


Compatible with UV and metallic inks

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