Avalon N VLF series

16 to 40-up VLF CtP systems

Unlock the full potential of your commercial printing business with the Avalon N VLF computer-to-plate (CtP) engines. Handling plates of up to 2280 × 1600 mm, and achieving a maximum throughput speed of 70 B1 pph, these thermal platesetters are unique among their kind and prove themselves in productivity and flexibility. Simply select the engine that suits your needs in terms of plate size, throughput speed and features, and start boosting your business.

The Avalon N VLF series comes in different levels of automation to match your preferred workflow and available floor space, yet consistently offers prime imaging quality. All platesetters are equipped with Grating Light Valve (GLV) imaging technology, enabling the spotless transfer of your digital creations directly onto the printing plate.

Boasting years of experience in very large format printing, ECO3 is the ideal partner to help commercial and packaging printing companies accomplish advanced process efficiency and automation, as well as cost control, in their prepress department.

ECO3 Avalon N16 VLF Ct P 1 1200x800
ECO3 Avalon N16 VLF Ct P 2 1200x800
ECO3 Avalon N24 VLF Ct P 1 1200x800
ECO3 Avalon N24 VLF Ct P 2 1200x800
ECO3 Avalon N24 VLF Ct P 3 1200x800
ECO3 Avalon N16 VLF Ct P 1 1200x800
ECO3 Avalon N16 VLF Ct P 2 1200x800
ECO3 Avalon N24 VLF Ct P 1 1200x800
ECO3 Avalon N24 VLF Ct P 2 1200x800
ECO3 Avalon N24 VLF Ct P 3 1200x800


ECO3 Avalon N24 VLF Ct P detail 1200x800

Save time and costs

Multiple automation options, such as a multi-cassette loader, a skid loader and robotic plate loading, help reduce operator time.

Your presses never wait for plates

Throughput speed of up to 70 B1 plates per hour, depending on model, plate type, and plate size

Part of a total solution

We provide you with more than just a computer-to-plate engine. Our complete solution can include the optimum plate, clean-out unit, integration with the Apogee workflow and of course service.

The CtP system is very compact, especially taking into account that it images B0-size plates. This translates into additional benefits, such as the fact that less space is needed for the machine's location.

Michał Graś, Head of Prepress - Colours Factory
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Avalon CtP configuration

Industry-leading productivity

Thanks to their advanced GLV technology and dual plate imaging, Avalon N VLF engines offer best-in-class productivity and throughput speed. Combine them with the Energy Elite Eco printing plate, for example, to produce no fewer than 70 B1 plates per hour and still deliver premium-quality results.

More productivity-increasing options include dual plate loading and twin imaging, depending on the model. Most of the engines can also be upgraded with both a multi-cassette loader and a pallet loader. Plate loading of the Avalon N VLF models can be automated using a custom-made plate loading robot.

Press punching

For those who need an extra-powerful productivity boost, there is a press punching system available for Avalon N VLF engines, significantly shortening make-ready time. By adding optional press punch blocks, imaged plates can be loaded straight onto presses with different punching, increasing make-ready efficiency.

Advanced integration

ECO3 has considered each element that affects CtP efficiency when integrating the Avalon N series. The engine is an important link in the plate production chain, but it comes together with the plates, the plate processing, the digital workflow, screening and other additional software utilities.
We will assist you in making the right technology decisions when creating a customized CtP solution.

Premium imaging quality

Avalon N VLF platesetters yield consistent, first-rate imaging quality of up to 340 lpi Sublima. All models are equipped with GLV technology for precise imaging, exceptional tonal accuracy and uniformity from job to job. So, whether you opt for a mid- or full-size engine, expect Avalon’s trademark excellence.

Integration with ECO3’s Apogee workflow

The Apogee prepress software makes it easy to schedule plate production. Fast plate remakes are just a click away.

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