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ECO3's IQA (ISO Quality Assist) programs ensure that your platemaking and printing operation aligns with ISO industry standards. Like that, it never skips a beat and your business is more profitable.

When it comes to your business, you’re the expert. You also know that having a streamlined, highly productive operation is key to achieving your goals. To obtain it, you can count on ECO3’s know-how. Our IQA – ISO Quality Assist – Programs ensure that your platemaking and printing operation is in line with ISO industry standards. IQA gives you and your customers the guarantee that the output quality is entirely under control and that it can be repeated consistently.

IQA’s modular design takes the needs of different organizations into account. The modules address imaging quality, plate uniformity and tone curve, system setup, daily quality control, RIP profiling, color space, water analysis, compatibility with ECO3’s press room solutions and fountain curve.

Newspaper iso quality program
Newspaper iso quality program


Newspaper stack

Streamline platemaking and press quality control

Achieve results that are fully in line with ISO and Newspaper quality standards.

Adapted to your needs

The modular structure of the program caters to the needs of every printer

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