Dry film for flexo printing

MAGIS F 830 dry film is optimized for 1-to-1 dot transfer via lamination on MAGIS P-Eco plates. This dry film lamination (DFL) results in perfectly shaped flat-top dots with maximum grey level support and a dot range from 1 to 99% at 175 lpi with reproduced dots of 20µm up to a level of 0.3%.
Combined MAGIS F and MAGIS P-Eco provide a superb quality level for printed labels and flexible products.

MAGIS F 830 film box label
MAGIS F 830 film box label

Premium image quality

MAGIS F 830 dry film supports resolutions up to 9600 dpi, offering a 1:1 dot transfer and maintaining a dot range from 1 to 99%.

Daylight safe

This dry film can be handled in daylight and does not require a darkroom or UV protection.

No complex processing

No processing and chemicals are needed once the ablative film has been imaged on a MAGIS DI imager or other compatible infrared laser system.

Low energy requirements

MAGIS F film requires less energy than comparable carbon-based LAM products,  which means throughput can be much higher.

Easy handling

The sturdy sheets of film are easy to handle and offer excellent dimensional stability.

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