Digital imaging system for flexo

MAGIS DI is a high-resolution and high-speed imaging system used to image MAGIS F Dry Film. The low energy required for this imaging process extends the laser's lifespan and reduces maintenance and service costs. MAGIS DI is also a highly flexible HDI imaging system, developed for superior quality plate production.

The MAGIS DI 260 S has a semi-automatic loading system with a mobile tail clamp that allows imaging of a wide range of materials, ensuring maximum productivity.


Multiple media options

MAGIS DI 260 S meets your plate-making requirements for a wide range of presses. It supports MAGIS F 830 dry film as well as flexo or letterpress plates.

High resolution support

This imager is designed for high-resolution label printing. It can optionally support resolutions up to 9600 dpi.with support for res

Easy mounting

There is no need to use tape to secure plates to the imaging drum.

Flexible connectivity

The MAGIS DI 260 S includes a front-end to import 1-bit TIFF data, which all the major workflow systems on the market can generate.

Supports Amfortis PlateAssembler

Amfortis PlateAssembler can combine multiple labels for output on a single film or plate.

Optimized for MAGIS F dry film

The lower energy requirement of MAGIS F dry film helps increase imaging speed and extends the lifetime of the laser.

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