Proofing media

Color contract and imposition proofing paper

A proof is worth little unless it’s printed on the proper media. With its long-standing experience in analog and digital proofing, ECO3 is able to offer the perfect type of media for every application. Whether you use dye or pigment inks, and whether you need premium color contract proofs or imposition proofs, you will find the perfect fit for your engine and applications. ECO3’s proofing media consist of different types and weights of proofing paper and proofing bases.

Sherpaproof media
Sherpaproof media


Impositon color proofing

Suited for color, content & imposition proofs

ECO3 media can meet all your proofing needs.

Different types and weights available

Pick the paper type, size and weight that you need

Compatible with a wide range of printers

Works with Epson, Agfa and other printers

Good color reproduction

Your proofs will accurately represent the intended colors of a design or image, reducing the risk of costly errors in print production.

FSC® certified

ECO3 proofing paper is sourced from responsibly managed forests, promoting environmental sustainability and ethical practices.

Resistant to splashes and erasure

Proofs are not always treated gently in transport or while being shuffled. 


Acid-free paper resists deterioration over time, it does not yellow and will not become brittle.

Quick dry

The short drying time reduces the risk of smearing.

Very good contour sharpness

Intricate details and fine lines in designs are accurately represented on your proofs, enhancing their overall visual quality.

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