Screening technology

“We loved it from the very first sheet,” “We now avoid subject moiré in fabric while maintaining a smoothness in flat tints.” Sublima has many satisfied users, and that’s no coincidence.

Its cross-modulated (XM) screening technology, a combination of AM and FM technologies, is designed to improve print quality dramatically. Sublima lets your press easily hold a 1-99% dot at higher frequencies, so it captures the finest details and the most vibrant colors. It enables you to use screen rulings of up to 340 lpi for commercial or packaging printing and 180 lpi for newspaper printing, without additional effort on press. And it produces lifelike colors without moiré patterns. In short, it offers flawless print quality.

Sublima can be used with all CtP systems from ECO3.

Sublima brushes 1200x800
Sublima brushes 1200x800


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Photo-realistic printing quality

- Photo-realistic printing quality
- High detail, regardless of the size
- No more expensive reprints, thanks to the elimination of imperfections

Suitable for commercial, newspaper and packaging printing

Sublima is supported in all of ECO3's workflow solutions: Apogee, Arkitex and Amfortis. 

No additional investment is needed

Sublima can be implemented cost-effectively - no extra investment in CtP, processors or presses is needed.

How it works

Sublima uses a patented technology known as XM (Cross Modulation) to achieve line-screen rulings of up to the double (typically) from what you are used today. It combines the benefits of AM (Amplitude Modulated) screening, which are smooth gradations and highly controllable midtones, with the benefits of FM (Frequency Modulated) screening: fine detail rendering in shadows and highlights and continuous-tone-like reproduction. It aligns FM dots along AM paths and replaces AM dots at the precise point where the AM dots can no longer be held on a specific press.

AM versus XM screening

The result is a smooth transition from one mode to the other with no visible crossover. Sublima also takes press characteristics into account so that it will never produce a dot the press cannot hold. As a result, every detail gets printed. Process tints, fine lines, even delicate typefaces print like solids using a four-color process. Flesh tones are perfectly smooth and color-accurate.

Because Sublima can hold the tiniest microdot on press, enlarging or reducing images have no effect on quality or the ability to sustain details. This also widens the variety of papers that you can use at high linerulings, from high-gloss coated stocks to translucent vellums and newsprint.

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