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Publication Printers achieves consistent production with Adamas

ECO3’s robust, chemistry-free thermal polymer printing plate saves time and money.

Publication Printers Corporation is the leading print partner for media publishers and the most prominent web printer in the United States. Family-owned and operated since 1979, the company provides a one-stop-shop for quality web printing, binding, fulfillment, distribution, and associated digital solutions. With a solid reputation for excellence, Publication Printers delivers award-winning print quality and unsurpassed customer service.

Dave Ebersole

The company integrates the latest technological advancements into its manufacturing processes. The team looked to ECO3, previously Agfa Offset Solutions, to help them achieve consistent production to maintain the high standards of quality and service their customers have come to expect.

“The ECO3 portfolio allowed us to consider what plate might be the best fit for us long term,” said Dave Ebersole, prepress and digital manager at Publication Printers. “We settled on Adamas after that review process. Adamas offers better performance on press and the durability our manufacturing demands.”

Adamas delivers accuracy with low maintenance

Adamas is ECO3’s robust, chemistry-free printing plate. It combines an image quality of 240 lpi Sublima and a run length of up to 350,000 copies with predictable, sharp dot reproduction. It is compatible with most thermal platesetters on the market. There’s no developer or rinse water used in the plate-making process. A gumming solution replaces chemicals resulting in less waste, lower disposal costs, and a safer work environment while actively taking steps to minimize environmental impact.

“The Adamas gum bath life is 85,000 to 90,000 square feet before a changeover. And with our volume, we’re cleaning less frequently, which is a huge benefit, and the processor is easier to clean. Now I can have one person cleaning the machine instead of two. He can clean the processors efficiently and quickly, saving us time and money.”

Dave Ebersole

Adamas combines fast, accurate, and wide exposure latitude with simple processing. Highlight dots are tough enough to offer high-quality press performance on the longest press runs.

“During the evaluation, we saw a noticeable improvement in our print quality. Adamas has better ink transfer, and we saw a sharper dot than what we were used to seeing.”

Dave Ebersole

Based on ECO3’s patented ThermoLink technology, Adamas enables the plate compounds to cross-link without pre-heating, resulting in high image quality, durability, and optimal press performance. This polymerization process also ensures a predictable, sharp dot reproduction.

Simple processing for rugged environments

“We are a 24/7 shop with only two closes a year,” Ebersole notes. “We work around the clock and make about 900 plates per day. We have very high volumes, so processor downtime impacts us. With Adamas, I don’t have anywhere near the processor downtime as we experienced before.” 

Publication printers press

Publication Printers is a print manufacturer with the ability to specialize based on customer requirements. As publication experts, they can produce a variety of long-run printing, including high-end magazines, brochures, guidebooks, catalogs, and inserts, as examples.

In addition, Publication Printers is the official printer for the Denver Broncos, producing a wide range of pieces for the team, including the Broncos Game Day Program, the Broncos Magazine, and the annual Broncos Yearbook.

Customers rely on the team’s high-quality service standards and attention to detail resulting in many award-winning projects. And while the manufacturing process demands the outstanding performance, productivity, consistency, and versatility offered by Adamas, Publication Printers especially values the relationship established with ECO3.

"ECO3 is a big part of our success,” states Ebersole. “The ability to come in and help us solve challenges while providing a quality product makes us better. We have a great partnership.”

A partnership that originated with ECO3 learning about the business and seeking to improve the manufacturing process. A collaboration with Publication Printers that will last long into the future.