Chem-free offset printing plate

Adamas is a robust pre-heat-free chem-free printing plate with outstanding performance for demanding commercial and newspaper printing applications. 

For high-quality commercial printing jobs, Adamas combines an image quality of 240 lpi Sublima, a run length of up to 350,000 revolutions with predictable, sharp dot reproduction and compatibility with most thermal platesetters on the market, as well as the Adamas clean-out unit.

For newspaper printing, Adamas enables the use of 200 lpi screens (1,200/1,270 dpi) for run lengths of up to 350,000 revolutions with low dot gain. Adamas guarantees a fast make-ready process and minimizes paper waste at startup. A superb restart performance further reduces paper waste and saves time and costs.

A versatile diamond in the rough, this plate covers a wide range of demanding printing applications – from web to sheetfed printing, including conventional UV, H-UV/LED inks.


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Covers a wide range of applications

Thanks to its robustness, Adamas covers a wide range of demanding print applications – from coldset newspaper printing to heatset and commercial and packaging sheetfed UV printing. Whether you're producing daily or weekly newspapers, magazines, catalogs, books, flyers, boxes, labels or other printed matter, Adamas can handle it!

Suitable for high run lengths

Its patented ThermoLink technology enables Adamas to handle run lengths of up to 350,000 copies (75,000 impressions with UV inks).

Compatible with most thermal systems on the market

ECO3 Avalon CtP systems are recommended but Adamas plates can also be imaged with other 830 nm external drum platesetters.

The Adamas gum bath life is 85,000 to 90,000 square feet before a changeover. And with our volume, we’re cleaning less frequently, which is a huge benefit, and the processor is easier to clean. Now I can have one person cleaning the machine instead of two. He can clean the processors efficiently and quickly, saving us time and money.

Dave Ebersole, Prepress and Digital Manager - Publication Printers
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Since we switched to Adamas, we can handle longer print runs, Furthermore, the plate’s excellent image contrast enables an easy visual check to avoid any mistakes. Scratch resistance is great, too.

Keld Kortbæk, Prepress Manager - KLS PurePrint
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