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Daily Printing leverages the Apogee advantage

Daily Printing is a leader in the print industry, providing high-quality printing and marketing solutions that exceed customers’ expectations while upholding the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, sustainability, and innovation. As one of the largest ESOP print companies in the Midwestern United States, Daily Printing leverages the latest technology and industry best practices to provide a wide range of printing services. From digital to offset and large-format printing, it caters to the needs of large corporations and small businesses alike.

The team is dedicated to building long-term relationships by providing exceptional customer service and support. They understand that the success of their customers is paramount, and it hinges on the ability to deliver on time, on budget, and with the highest quality standards.

To meet these expectations, Daily Printing uses cutting-edge technology. It was in the market for an agnostic workflow system that would work seamlessly with its various offset and digital presses. It was critical that the team could utilize both digital and UV printing and perfecting on press with an open architecture workflow compatible with their pressroom of today, and could also work with other presses in the future. Plus, they wanted more automation. The Apogee workflow from ECO3 fit the bill, beating out the competition.

Optimizing with Apogee

“Apogee is the best choice for our production and customer support requirements,” explained Tom Moe, CEO at Daily Printing. “Apogee automates the workflow, which saves several hours in production time. It consolidates the workflow so we can delegate across our resources instead of having one person manage all the prepress requirements.”

Daily Printing team
CEO Tom Moe and his team

The Apogee workflow is a game-changer, providing control over every phase of the production process from a single user interface. It simplifies the processing of jobs with multiple parts, consolidating them into one flow. This comprehensive and integrated workflow solution seamlessly combines different software modules into one streamlined whole. Its user interface offers multiple ways to automate standard and repetitive tasks such as job archival and deletion. Apogee also effortlessly sets up page placement rules according to naming conventions, further enhancing its efficiency and usability.

Kent Becker, prepress specialist at Daily Printing
Kent Becker, Prepress Specialist

The Daily Printing team saves time and money by utilizing Apogee Impose to output jobs to the digital press department. Fully integrated into Apogee, Apogee Impose takes data, such as sheet size, number of pages, and available equipment, and provides the optimal imposition scheme. It updates the imposition scheme automatically when the job parameters change, saving time and resources.

With Apogee, the company is automating more routine jobs and focusing on profitable, custom work. Daily Printing’s ability to work alongside clients, understand their unique requirements, and deliver personalized solutions that meet their specific needs makes it an outstanding printing partner.

Streamlining processes

“We are implementing more hot tickets to produce routine, standard work in a more automated fashion,” states Moe. “For one of our larger customers, we upload files to a hot ticket, collaborate and proof using WebApproval, and then release the job to the iGen digital press."

Less human touches means fewer errors, so we are lowering the cost of production while streamlining the whole process. It’s a huge lifesaver!

Tom Moe, CEO

Daily Printing subscribed to the WebApproval option in Apogee prepress. WebApproval is an intuitive, easy-to-use web interface for file upload and soft proofing. It enables clients and team members to access jobs from their desktop computer or mobile device and collaborate. Files can be uploaded, pages reviewed, and jobs approved from the web portal. Customers using WebApproval find it efficient since physical proofs are no longer necessary. Proofs are now distributed digitally for review and approval without the need for a contract proof. Customers like it because it cuts down on steps and cuts down on time.

“We are rolling it out to more customers,” stated Julie Sicheneder, Prepress Manager at Daily Printing.

WebApproval has changed the dynamic to a more collaborative digital approval process. We can shorten approvals, eliminate mistakes, and complete work faster.

Julie Sicheneder, Prepress Manager

Improved consistency on press

Essentially, Apogee gives Daily Printing a competitive advantage. According to Moe, they have improved internal processes, which is leading to more consistency on press.

Julie Sicheneder - Daily Printing
Julie Sicheneder, Prepress Manager

Apogee has undoubtedly made a positive impact on an employee-owned company committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity. The team at Daily Printing is realizing the goal of being the premier printer for their clients and is delivering exceptional results that help them achieve their business objectives.

Apogee from ECO3 gives Daily Printing a competitive advantage and is helping them deliver exceptional results.

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