Online collaboration and job approval portal

WebApproval expands your Apogee or Amfortis workflow system with a web portal for online collaboration. It enables your clients and team members to access jobs from their desktop computer or mobile device. They can upload files, review pages and approve jobs.

WebApproval enables you to shorten file reception and approval cycles and better meet today’s short project deadlines. Your clients get 24/7 access to their jobs, which not only improves customer satisfaction but also helps avoid mistakes and costly reprints.

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ECO3 Web Approval online collaboration 1200x800
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Speed up production

WebApproval gives you greater leeway to meet deadlines, through efficient file reception and approval. It also helps reduce costs by eliminating the need for hardcopy proofs.

Improve your customer service

Get a higher customer retention thanks to user-friendly, 24/7 access to your prepress department. Build a stronger relationship with your customers thanks to more efficient collaboration.

Reduce the number of errors

There is a lower risk of errors as the software informs all parties of changes and/or remarks.

WebApproval has been a fantastic tool for us. It enables us to send files directly to our clients over the web rather than having to use file transfer systems or low-res emails.

Graeme Parry, Production Director - Precision Proco
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Introductory videos

The videos below highlight some of the main features of Apogee WebApproval. The online portal continues to evolve, so request a demo for an up-to-date overview of what the latest release has to offer.

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