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Subscription-based Apogee workflow software helps Marchesi Grafiche Editoriali streamline printing operations

Marchesi Grafiche Editoriali, founded in Rome in 1918, is a leading Italian company that has grown over the years. Recently, it started using ECO3’s Apogee workflow software on a subscription basis. It also converted to ECO’s process-free Eclipse printing plates.

Next to its Roman head office, Marchesi has a modern production plant close to Rome and an office in Milan. Over the years, the printing company has established close collaborative relationships with cultural and financial institutions, as well as international luxury goods, fashion and ‘Made in Italy’ brands, noted throughout the world for the high quality of their products.

At the helm are the siblings Marina and Stefano Marchesi, who run the company with the same enthusiasm as their predecessors and with great attention to innovation and social responsibility, trying to increase the company’s ecological footprint while maintaining high quality standards.

Apogee Prepress

In prepress, the implementation of ECO3’s Apogee prepress workflow has led to a significant technological breakthrough. The choice for the 'Subscription' model allowed Marchesi to start using the workflow software immediately. Thanks to the continuous updates, the company’s workflow processes will always be aligned to the latest technological developments (e.g. compatibility, new features, quality improvement…), thus reducing processing times. Furthermore, ECO3's remote technical support is also highly appreciated to manage the various operational aspects.

Apogee isn't the only ECO3 offering that had an impact on Marchesi
The changeover to ECO3’s process-free Eclipse plates has resulted in a much more ecological plate production for Marchesi Grafiche Editoriali thanks to the elimination of chemical agents for plate development (and thus also no need to dispose of them). It also means they now achieve a greater stability of the printing preparation process, while still maintaining high quality standards.