Adamas COU

Clean-out units for Adamas plates

The Adamas COU series consists of dedicated, advanced and compact clean-out units that swiftly finish Adamas plates and take ecology to the next level.

Adamas clean-out units rely on a two-gum concept – a dedicated clean-out solution and a protective finisher gum, with a bath life of 16.000 m² and no water requirements. A new brush design ensures efficient clean-out and requires only small quantities of liquids (35ml/m²) to swiftly clean plates. As a result, the COU produces up to 80% less waste than other systems on the market.

Choose your model
Adamas clean-out units are available in three sizes: Adamas COU85, Adamas COU125 and Adamas COU150. They can be used stand-alone or connected online with the platesetter. The latest software version has an algorithm that enables maximal energy and waste efficiency. So once the Adamas clean-out unit is installed, you’re good to go: the unit is designed to handle up to 60,000 m² of plates a year!


Adamas COU clean plate

Small ecological footprint

These units are energy-efficient, chemistry-free and no water is required to clean the plate.

Reduced waste

The long bath life, low replenishment rates and total elimination of rinse water result in a waste reduction of up to 80% compared to conventional thermal systems

The Adamas gum bath life is 85,000 to 90,000 square feet before a changeover. And with our volume, we’re cleaning less frequently, which is a huge benefit, and the processor is easier to clean. Now I can have one person cleaning the machine instead of two. He can clean the processors efficiently and quickly, saving us time and money.

Dave Ebersole, Prepress and Digital Manager - Publication Printers
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Since we switched to Adamas, we can handle longer print runs, Furthermore, the plate’s excellent image contrast enables an easy visual check to avoid any mistakes. Scratch resistance is great, too.

Keld Kortbæk, Prepress Manager - KLS PurePrint
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KLS Pureprint keld kortbaek

Cascading clean-out technology

Adamas clean-out units have two gum sections. In the first one, 95% of all non-imaged areas are removed from the plate. A new brush design contributes to efficient clean-out with minimal gum consumption. In the second gum section, the remaining non-imaged areas are removed, ensuring a perfectly clean plate.

Simplified cleaning

The addition of a self-cleaning module doubles the batch life to 16,000 m². Furthermore, three intermediate cleaning processes at 4,000, 8,000 and 12,000 m² are executed as part of an automated process that starts with a simple keystroke on the Adamas display and requires no further intervention from the operator.

Extra finishing and drying sections

A thin layer of gum is put on the plate to prevent plate oxidation and protect it for handling in the press room. Finally, The plate is dried by hot air, enabling immediate further handling.

Suitable for high plate volumes

Low-maintenance Adamas clean-out units designed to handle up to 60,000 m² of plates a year

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