Amigo TS

Chem-free offset printing plate

Looking for higher speed, improved contrast and longer bath life? Then the chemistry-free Amigo TS digital plate is your companion.

Instead of traditional chemical processing, Amigo TS uses the physical ThermoFuse technology. This offers you simple platemaking with consistently high quality, as well as remarkable chemical resistance and processing latitude – plate after plate. Additionally, Amigo TS is more robust and faster than its predecessors.

This multi-purpose plate works on any suitable 830 nm thermal platesetter and can handle fluctuations in laser energy with virtually no effect on image quality. It works perfectly in daylight and tolerates a wide array of processing and exposure variations while still guaranteeing that same quality.

Amigo TS visual 1200x800
Amigo TS visual 1200x800


Amigo TS plate on drum 1200x800


Low chemistry consumption


The stable ink/water balance of Amigo TS guarantees consistent high-quality prints


Suited for many different types of press work

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