Apogee Color Quality Manager

Color management software

In the graphic arts business, flexibility is a must. Automated processes therefore represent more than a convenience. However, quality is only assured if the color accuracy and consistency are guaranteed. And that’s where the Apogee Color Quality Manager comes in: the solution for enterprise-wide color control.

Set up customized profiles per client, with unique tools to fix the exact color or color set and preserve the brand of your clients throughout all projects. Monitor the automated validation of color quality with software that is compatible with a wide range of press technologies and certified proofing standards. For reliable results in both hard and soft proofing.

Apogee color quality manager 1200x800
Apogee color quality manager 1200x800


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Deliver consistent, reliable results

The end-to-end color management ensures a more accurate reproduction of shadow detail, darker colors and neutral colors, for high-end hard copy proofing

Fits in your environment

Compatible with a wide range of press technologies and certified proofing standards


Unique tools for customized colors such as: curve, gradation, neutrals and paper simulationx

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