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Building on ECO3's philosophy, the Arkana smart processor offers consistent, high-quality plate processing with minimal chemistry usage and maintenance, thus allowing printers to reduce their CO2 footprint further. Maximum throughput on all 8-up and VLF CtP lines makes it the perfect match for high-production and heavy-duty environments.

Arkana features a small developer tank, drastically lowering replenishment rates and considerably reducing chemicals consumption. Thanks to ECO3’s patented gum cascade system in which the gum both cleans the plate and protects it with a finishing layer, Arkana no longer requires water for plate rinsing. All in all, it produces up to 50% less collectible waste compared to other systems on the market. In addition, its long bath life drastically reduces maintenance frequency, while the clean chemistry used in the system reduces maintenance time.

Arkana makes a perfect combination with the Energy Elite Eco printing plate.

ECO3 Arkana smart plate processor 1200x800
ECO3 Arkana smart plate processor 1200x800


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Reduce waste

Absolute minimum of replenishment results in a chemistry consumption that is up to more than six times less compared to conventional thermal processing systems. The long bath life, very low replenishment rates and total elimination of rinse water result in a drastic reduction of waste up to 50% compared to conventional thermal systems – and thus less packaging, transport and haulage costs

Easy to use

Bath life of up to 15,000 m² of plates results in a minimal cleaning frequency, creating higher up-time and avoiding maintenance costs. Energy Elite Eco’s clean chemistry allows for easy and rapid cleaning

Ease of mind

Wide operational processing latitude with the Energy Elite Eco printing plates

As we need to dispose of substantially less waste with the Arkana, we clearly save money.

Klaus Huber, Managing Director - Holzer Druck und Medien
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Klaus Huber

How Arkana works

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