Energy Elite Eco

Durable no-bake thermal printing plate

Energy Elite Eco is an advanced and remarkably robust no-bake thermal printing plate for high-end, high-performance commercial, packaging and UV printing. It offers an unprecedented run length of up to 600,000* prints (up to 150,000* copies when using UV ink), ensuring maximum productivity especially when combined with our dedicated Elite Eco Founts, for a variety of different applications and press conditions

Even in harsh environments, this robust printing plate does not compromise on its premium, photorealistic imaging quality. Especially designed to be compatible with the latest screening technologies of 340 lpi Sublima and FM10, Energy Elite Eco enables you to create durable images at 1-99% dot resolution, without dot loss.

When used in conventional thermal processors, Energy Elite Eco’s clean chemistry allows for significant savings in chemistry consumption and a drastic reduction of maintenance. By combining the Energy Elite Eco plate with the Arkana smart processing technology, the full benefits of its ECO3 features can be achieved: ecology, economy, and extra convenience.

Energy elite eco plates 1200x800
Energy elite eco plates 1200x800


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Run lengths of up to 600,000* prints (and up to 150,000* copies with UV ink), ensuring maximum productivity.


The dual-layer coating technology eliminates the need for any pre- or post-baking, saving space, time, and money.
Clean chemistry allows for a bath life over 15,000 m² with a reduced amount of chemical replenishment
A 20% decrease in waste production and chemicals used with standard thermal processors


Suitable for a variety of different applications and press conditions, offering you flexibility and optimal performance.
Energy Elite Eco has a 1-99% dot resolution, without dot loss, using 340 lpi Sublima and FM10 screening technologies.

The robustness and scratch resistance of Energy Elite Eco plates enable us to print 260 to 300,000 copies with a single set of plates.

Sebastian Preissler, Operations Manager – PIEREG Druckcenter Berlin
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