Azura TS

Chem-free offset printing plate

The Azura TS is a thermal plate for low- to medium-volume commercial printing where simplicity and reliability are priorities. It allows you to preserve the high-quality imaging of traditional platemaking, without press changes or chemical processing.

Chemistry-free platemaking? That’s right, thanks to the ThermoFuseTM particles in the anodized aluminum plate coating. The thermal laser heats the coating, causing the particles to fuse and bond firmly to the aluminum. After exposure, the plate is cleaned and gummed in one simple step by the Azura Clean-Out Unit (COU). The result? Razor-sharp image definition in runs of up to 100,000, depending on press conditions.

Azura ts plates 1200x800
Azura ts plates 1200x800


Azura thermofuse technology 1200x800

Excellent printing quality

Azura TS plates provide 2 – 98% dpi screen tints at 200 lpi for run lengths up to 100,000 impressions (depending on imaging conditions).

Environmentally friendly

Reduction of waste and disposal costs formerly associated with chemicals. Safer work environment because of the chemistry-free procedure

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