Azura C95 & C125 COU

Clean-out units for chem-free plates

ECO3’s well-known Azura C95 and C125 are specifically designed for Azura TS plates of up to 95 and 125 cm wide. You either install them on a stand-alone basis or connect them online with the plate setter (through an L-shaped or straight conveyor). They work perfectly in daylight and at room temperature.

These clean-out units can deal with up to 15,000 m² of plates a year while only needing 20 l of water for each 300 m2 of plates. As the main ingredient of the gum solution, the water circulates in a closed loop, saving on water costs.

Azura COU c95 1200x800
Azura COU c95 1200x800


Azura plate clean 1200x800

Minimum operational cost

Azura clean-out units require minimum maintenance and operator attention.

Small ecological footprint

Minimized water usage thanks to a closed-loop design.

Easy to use

A state-of-the-art user interface simplifies the use of the clean-out unit.

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