Energy Verve

Robust thermal photopolymer offset plate

Energy Verve is a pre-heat thermal photopolymer plate specially designed for extremely abrasive conditions. It shows exceptional chemical and mechanical resistance and is the right product for heat-set printing (such as magazines and retail), web UV applications (such as form printing), and cold-set printing (such as newspapers or books). This robust plate handles runs of up to 1 million prints without post-baking.

Energy Verve visual 1200x800
Energy Verve visual 1200x800


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Exceptional durability

Run lengths up to 1 million copies are possible without post-bake. Energy Verve can be used for demanding conditions, such as printing on cardboard or with opaque white inks.

No baking needed

You get all the conveniences of pre-heat such as limited floor space, energy savings and no issues with waviness or plate cracking.

Highest plate throughput

Energy Verve is highly sensitive, enabling your CtP system to output plates faster.

Energy Verve’s deep graining structure offers a better ink and water balance which is one of the biggest challenges with our previous plate, and thus, it reduces potential problems. From start-up to sellable sheet, we use less paper, less ink, have fewer challenges, less variability, and the process is more consistent.

David Dey, Vice President of Manufacturing - ColorDynamics
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