Fountain Solutions

Founts for offset printing presses

ECO3 offers sheet-fed, coldset and heatset fountain solutions for printing with reduced IPA dosage, or even totally alcohol-free. Based on our experience in manufacturing printing plates and film, our assortment includes dedicated fountain solutions for all presses and plate types, as well as every type of water hardness or composition.

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Environmentally friendly

Reduced IPA dosage or even eliminating alcohol helps lower VOC emissions, making the printing process more environmentally friendly and compliant with regulations.

FOGRA- & food grade-compliant

ECO3 pressroom supplies meet industry standards for quality and consistency in the printing process, helping to achieve accurate and predictable printing results while minimizing wastage.

Achieve maximum plate productivity

Our fountain solutions contain additives specifically developed to get maximum productivity out of our plates.

We reduced paper build-up by over 70%, thus contributing to increase the useful life of the blankets and also of the plates. We significantly reduced the number and length of interventions such as blanket washing or the use of cleaning products, as well as the printed material’s drying time, powder residue in the equipment, and reworking. Last but not least, it brought stability and safety for all of our operational team, representing an enormous gain in productivity!

Edson Cavalcanti Do Nascimento, Production Manager - Geográfica
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Geográfica Edson Cavalcanti

ANTURA Fount to the rescue

Scumming refers to an undesirable condition when ink adheres to the non-image areas of a printing plate and then gets transferred to the paper or printing substrate. This can be a complex issue to troubleshoot, and as this video shows, ECO3 pressroom chemicals can save the day.

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ECO3 offers a broad range of solutions for packaging and label printers - for both offset and flexo presses.

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