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Can cost savings be achieved while preserving or even increasing the quality of prints? InkTune proves that it’s possible. As its name implies, InkTune helps you save on ink costs. It uses Grey Component Replacement (GCR), which substitutes expensive CMY inks with the more economical black (K) ink. But it also does a lot more: it improves color stability on the press, as well as image quality and consistency. As a result, there is less interference between different inks, the inks dry faster and printing speeds can be higher.

InkTune is a unique solution because it is entirely integrated into the prepress workflow. The software works its magic during the rendering process without requiring extra hardware or user expertise. This makes InkTune a cost-effective solution that improves quality and lowers environmental impact.

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ECO3 Ink Tune 1200x800
ECO3 Ink Tune 1200x800


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Lower ink consumption

Savings of up to 30% can be achieved!

Faster drying times

Faster drying times make it possible to start post-press activities (cutting, folding etc.) sooner

Less paper waste

Better ink setting lead to less paper being needed for make-ready.

PressTune and InkTune have helped us produce more work with the same number of employees and within the same number of hours.

Aharon Greebel, Vice President - AJ Images
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PressTune and InkTune: a printing power combo

Use InkTune with PressTune, ECO3’s smart print management solution, for optimum results. With its powerful process control and analytics capabilities, PressTune helps create the ideal environment for InkTune to work its magic. In addition, the cloud-based PressTune solution allows you to deploy InkTune across different printing sites, greatly enhancing opportunities for cost reduction and promoting consistency across the board. Your clients will love it.

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