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PressTune is a comprehensive and unique print standardization solution that guarantees color consistency and ensures that printing jobs meet ISO, G7, and even client-specific standards. It increases productivity by lowering ink and paper consumption, significantly reducing make-ready time and improving communication between prepress operator, quality management and print buyers.

How is this possible? PressTune contains powerful analytics capabilities based on lab values obtained through spectrophotometer measurement tools. This vital print and color data is collected straight from the printing press and enables the objective evaluation of printing jobs related to specific standards. By doing away with subjective evaluations, print plants can operate in a standardized way and get more jobs done in less time. Moreover, this unique solution operates independently of printing technology and press or workflow manufacturers.

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Presstune 1200x800
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Set the standards – and always live up to them

PressTune allows printing professionals to measure color reproduction against any identified standard, including ISO 12647, G7, and specific buyer requirements. The pass-fail reporting process and scorecard system certifies that jobs are printed exactly to specification, improving quality and consistency.

Faster validation

PressTune’s real-time job verification function eliminates the need for clients to be physically present on press sign-off, thus saving travel time and costs.

Avoid wasted prints

By monitoring up to 12 spot colors, PressTune guides operators to adjust the press to remain within tolerances when chemistry, paper, ink and other variables change. In this way, wasted paper is reduced by up to 26% on average.

Reduce make-ready time

By improving communication between prepress, pressroom and quality departments, PressTune ensures that jobs are printed to specification and reprint targets are met. Lower wastage and higher productivity will make a significant improvement to the bottom line.

PressTune challenges us to refine our processes so we can achieve higher evaluated scores. Simplistic to use, it takes minimum time to achieve G7 standard. It helps us to identify problems and correct curves that we can import into our unified Apogee workflow for either Edmonton or Calgary plants.

Brad Clark, Pprepress Manager - The Burke Group
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Burke group pressroom

During customer plant tours, we show the PressTune diagnostic screen, and they are impressed that there is so much science and technology involved with our quality control and color management processes. Print buyers grasp how serious we are about quality, process control, color management, and being efficient.

Jack Brown, Executive Vice President - Graphic Visual Solutions
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