ECO3 MAGIS animation 2000x510
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The 2-minute guide to flexo plate making

ECO3 provides a complete solution for in-house flexo prepress and plate making, as shown in the video below.

The key components of this system are:

  • Amfortis - This workflow solution acts as an integrated command center, optimizing content for perfect output and enhancing production efficiency. Amfortis Bridge is a SaaS-based collaboration platform that unites various parties to collaborate on packaging projects.
  • PlateAssembler - This tool intelligently combines rendered files to reduce flexo plate waste.
  • SPIR@L & GridTune - These two unique solutions enhance printing quality. SPIR@L screening uses a unique dot shape for better print quality and stability, while GridTune creates specific patterns to optimize ink laydown, smoothness, and print latitude.
  • MAGIS DI & MAGIS F - The MAGIS DI filmsetter is used to image MAGIS F dry film.
  • MAGIS P-Eco - Combined with MAGIS F dry film lamination, this hybrid aqueous flexo plate achieves high-resolution reproduction at flat top dot level.
  • MAGIS LA - This laminator is used for semi-automated de-lamination and lamination processes, optimized for dot transfer and creating perfectly shaped flat-top dots.
  • MAGIS PRO-Eco - The all-in-one unit is also used to expose, dry and finish the flexo plates.

The final product, a MAGIS P-Eco flexo plate, is optimized for a wide dot range and high-quality flexo printing.

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