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Proofing solutions

The Epson SureColor P-Series of large-format printers can be considered the industry standard for proofing. They offer a high level of color accuracy and consistency thanks to the use of UltraChrome HD inks and advanced print head technology. Combined with ECO3 proofing media, these printers can meet all your hardcopy proofing requirements. 

For optimal color management, we offer a wide range of photospectrometers as well.

Epson proofing printer 1200x800
Epson proofing printer 1200x800


Impositon color proofing

High quality output

UltraChrome Pro12 inks with K3 technology guarantee top-notch image quality

Impressive production speeds

Epson's superior printhead technology allows for high-speed and precise ink droplet placement, resulting in efficient and rapid printing.

Easy to use

The 4.3-inch touchscreen LCD panel offers a user-friendly interface to all the printer's functions

Wide color gamut

Epson printers can reproduce a broad range of colors, ensuring that the printed output closely matches the vibrant and diverse colors of the original design.

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