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RPI delivers sustainable and responsible print solutions

RPI Graphic Data Solutions is a sustainable, full-service printing and packaging manufacturer with expertise in helping brands connect with customers through innovative and engaging print. This Cincinnati, OH, company is known as The Easy Button for its ability to ensure that brands have a consistent, positive impact on the shelf while taking the chaos out of the production process.

For more than 50 years in the graphic arts industry, RPI has collaborated with Fortune 500, regional, and small business teams in delivering cost-effective, consistent, high-quality branded marketing materials, packaging pieces, retailer POP/POS, displays, inserts, and signage on time and budget.

Printing to client specifications

Ken Rellar - Owner of RPI Graphic Data Solutions
Ken Rellar, Owner - RPI
Ken Rellar, Owner - RPI

When a large international toy account required their printing jobs meet G7 standards, RPI enlisted ECO3’s comprehensive PressTune print standardization tool to provide the data. PressTune guarantees color consistency and ensures printing jobs meet G7, ISO, and client-specific criteria.

“When we initially tested PressTune, we were ecstatic that the report proved we were within G7 specs and the system handled it automatically,” explains Ken Rellar, owner of RPI. “This was our first client ever to require a color management report, and we successfully obtained a smooth approval. Now we use PressTune’s scoring to analyze print runs. Should things go astray, our pressroom team can quickly and easily make a fix.”

PressTune is helping RPI be more efficient and productive while achieving more accurate, consistent colors, faster make-ready times, and lower ink consumption. By measuring color reproduction against any identified standard and buyer requirements, PressTune’s pass-fail reporting process and scorecard system certifies that jobs are printed to specification. By monitoring up to 12 spot colors, PressTune guides operators to adjust the press to remain within tolerances when chemistry, paper, ink, and other variables change.

Sustainability leadership

Clients that value corporate social responsibility (CSR) appreciate RPI’s long, proud history of environmental practices. It holds a Silver Medal Sustainability Rating from Ecovadis and certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), even partnering with customers and the community to more consistently monitor and measure the impact of its business practices.

Careful sourcing led RPI to ECO3’s chemistry-free Adamas printing plate designed for packaging and commercial print manufacturing. This eco-friendly plate provides high press performance, sharp dot reproduction, and maximum throughput for sheetfed and heatset web printing with run lengths up to 350,000 copies.

RPI prepress team

RPI uses Adamas for a wide range of demanding packaging applications, including boxes, labels, wrappers, sleeves, and abrasive boards. Its selection of the Adamas plate and clean-out unit takes ecology to the next level by eliminating rinse water and replacing chemicals with a pH-neutral gumming solution. The process decreases waste by up to 80% compared to conventional systems while reducing disposal costs. As importantly, RPI is providing a safer work environment for employees.

Most of our clients score us on our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Adamas cuts our water bill in half, which is a huge deal in Cincinnati. We’re saving more than 140,000 gallons of water annually. That’s like seven swimming pools. From my perspective, the plate hits it out of the park. Adamas, PressTune, and SPIR@L screening help us differentiate as environmentally responsible print manufacturers.

Ken Rellar, Owner, RPI

The addition of SPIR@L screening allows the RPI pressroom team to replace the traditional ink dot with more efficient shapes, such as spirals, using less ink to fill in the same area. The environmental benefits include faster drying and less energy use, all while increasing productivity. By holding a 1-99% dot with less ink, colors are vibrant, image slur is reduced, and prints are crystal clear.

We have a cleaner look with SPIR@L. Images are crisp. They snap. When you walk by a press sheet, you think, ‘Wow! That looks good.’ For us printers, we know the human eye likes contrast. The SPIR@L dot lends more separation, and the white comes through, helping images stand out.”

Ken Rellar, Owner, RPI

RPI’s commitment to responsible business practices establishes its sustainable competitive advantage as a market leader. ECO3 products offer RPI greater sustainability while improving production quality. The print team optimizes technology to provide brands, agencies, and client vendors with remarkable output, flawless service, and a collaborative environment.

Checking the press console

Adamas, PressTune, and SPIR@L screening offer RPI greater sustainability while improving production quality.