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Veripress soft proofing is the perfect fit for Radin Print

Radin Print has been delivering high-quality magazines, books, catalogs, flyers, and brochures since its inception in 1995. Strategically headquartered in Sveta Nedelja, to the west of Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, the company uses the latest technology to stay at the forefront of innovation, with an impressive printing operation enabled by a seamless workflow.

With their commitment to excellence and innovation, founders Marijan Arambašin and Branka Pušec have evolved Radin Print into an international industry leader, establishing state-of-the-art printing facilities not only in Croatia but also in Serbia and Albania. Moreover, the company has extended its reach by setting up branch offices in Romania, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Austria, Germany, Denmark, and Italy.

“We had been searching for a soft proofing application on press for quite some time. After seeing an impressive on-site demo at one of ECO3’s newspaper customers, we quickly realized that Veripress was the perfect fit for our needs.”

Alen Gizdavic, Technical Director - Radin Print

Radin Print has relied on ECO3’s Apogee workflow management software for more than 23 years, with four RIPs set up to handle the high volume of work. In addition, the Croatian company has incorporated Apogee WebApproval as an online collaboration tool for smooth and efficient file delivery and final customer approval of artwork. Recently, Radin successfully extended this automated workflow with Arkitex Enhance Veripress soft proofing, taking the next step in increasing prepress efficiencies internally, while also improving sustainability and saving costs.

As an extension to the Apogee workflow that manages the production process at Radin, Arkitex Enhance Veripress offers a complete on-press proofing system, providing soft proofs as precise digital representations of the finished print. The implementation of this innovative software allows the company to produce verified, color-matched proofs on screen, at the touch of a button, for total quality control.

Radin Print softproofing
Alen Gizdavcic, Technical Director - Radin Print (right) and Karl Wolf, Presales Consultant - ECO3
Alen Gizdavcic, Technical Director - Radin Print (right) and Karl Wolf, Presales Consultant - ECO3

“The primary benefit of Veripress is the exact on-screen simulation of the printed page with an accurate color match. This gives you the confidence that your soft proofs are ready to print as soon as the plates are delivered,” stated Gizdavic.

The Veripress system can process multiple pages in parallel, making the results easily accessible through highly responsive touchscreen monitors. These provide one-touch access to soft-proof viewing, a comprehensive suite of tools, and intuitive navigation.

The transformation we have seen with Veripress has also significantly improved the daily experience of our operators. They are now enjoying all the benefits brought by fast and fully automated in-house proofing, making their tasks much easier.

Alen Gizdavic, Technical Director - Radin Print

Since implementation, Radin Print has transitioned to using Veripress for all its products, utilizing imposition proofs that display the whole signature and contract proofs. This investment has significantly speeded up the quality assurance process in-house. Shifting to Veripress soft proofing has also led to a reduction in the costs of hardcopy proofs, successfully achieving Radin’s 80% target, with the promise of further savings to come.

Alen Gizdavcic, Technical Director - Radin Print (left) and Arnold Posch, Branch Manager SEE - ECO3

The investment in Arkitex Veripress from ECO3 is another prime example of Radin’s dedication to advancing with best-in-class technology, delivering excellent print quality, and offering exceptional customer service. It is also perfectly aligned with the company’s sustainability targets to reduce waste by optimizing its processes and saving on materials. As such, Radin continues leading the way in the printing industry, setting new quality standards and ensuring a better future for both customers and the environment.

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Only the most accurate simulation assures you of top-quality prints. Arkitex Enhance Veripress is your complete soft proofing system.

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