Energy Elite Pro

Next-gen no-bake thermal offset plate

Energy Elite Pro is the next-generation no-bake thermal plate. It offers consistent printing quality, high productivity and lower chemistry consumption. And it combines all that with run lengths up to 400,000 copies – in aggressive environments (e.g. UV and metallic inks) up to 150,000 copies. For even longer runs, Energy Elite Pro can be baked.

Its chemical resistance makes the use of fountain solutions for alcohol-free and reduced-alcohol printing easy, even without baking. Its unique developer and replenisher, specifically designed for Energy Elite Pro, additionally ensure longer bath life and easy cleaning. Raise productivity while reducing your ecological footprint.

Energy Elite Pro visual 1200x800
Energy Elite Pro visual 1200x800


Energy Elite Pro plate 1200x800

Reliable results

Its robust double-layer technology makes Energy Elite pro plates suitable for demanding print applications.

No need to bake

Save space, time and energy

Excelleny durability

Run lengths up to 400,000 and under UV printing conditions still 150,000 copies

No-bake Technology

The double-layer coating technology gives Energy Elite Pro its robust properties. The second layer ensures high chemical resistance. Therefore Energy Elite Pro performs flawlessly in high-speed platesetters and is compatible with UV and metallic inks, even without baking.
Energy Elite can achieve runs up to 400,000 and in harsh environments (e.g. UV and metallic inks) up to 150,000 impressions without baking (depending on the platesetter).

Durable High-Quality Imaging

Energy Elite Pro is office light-safe. This positive thermal plate provides durable, high-quality imaging. The innovative double-layer technology delivers 1 to 99% dot resolution at 200 lpi.

Exceptional Print Quality

With CristalRaster III stochastic screening, Sublima screening or the revolutionary new SPIR@L screening, Energy Elite Pro always delivers exceptional quality. The new double-coating formula ensures a sharp dot throughout the run.

More economical

Up to 20% faster than Energy Elite plates, and up to 20% lower chemistry use


Fully operational in office light

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