Dry film laminator for flexo printing

MAGIS LA 370 is a Dry Film Laminator (DFL) with ECO3 technology and specifications that allow a perfect preparation for Flat Top Dot.

MAGIS LA 370 laminator
MAGIS LA 370 laminator

Optimized for MAGIS film and plates

All MAGIS components - direct imager, dry film, plates and laminator have been carefully designed to offer top-notch flexo print quality.

Perfect flat top dots

Achieve impeccable print quality with our flexo technology that delivers flawlessly flat top dots. Experience heightened color consistency, sharper images, and enhanced visual appeal, setting new standards in print perfection.

Flexible media support

Flexo plates up to 920 mm (37") long and 1130 mm wide can be laminated.

Adjustable height

For optimal workplace ergonomics, the height of the working surface can be adjusted by 200 millimeters.

Durable and easy to use

The MAGIS LA 370 is straightforward to use and built to last. 

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