Aqueous processing & finishing unit for flexo

MAGIS PRO-Eco 400 is an all-in-one system with a compact design and easy access to mount and wash flexo printing plates. The plates are fixed on the upper platen and cleaned by orbital movements on a set of brushes. The system also has removable drawers for exposing, drying and light finishing.

MAGIS PRO Eco 400 processing unit
MAGIS PRO Eco 400 processing unit

All-in-one EPDLF solution

This space-efficient unit handles four steps of aqueous plate making: 

  • plate exposure
  • plate processing
  • drying
  • light finishing

For plates up to 635 x 1020 mm

The smaller PRO-Eco 300 model supports sizes up to 635 x 762 mm.

Market proved solution

This unit has a proven track record of reliability and performance, delivering consistent results day in and day out.

Saves on floor space

The stacked design of MAGIS PRO-Eco units with the exposure unit on top and drawers underneath makes optimum use of floor space.

Inline water reclaimer

A fully automatic PRC1 system to reclaim water from the washout process is included with the MAGIS Pro-Eco unit. It can process 240 liters per hour in a closed-loop setup. 

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