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Take a leap in productivity with ECO3’s new SolidTune software which sets new standards in offset production. By introducing a quality-improvement step into the rendering process, this intelligent tool will accelerate your business and set you apart from the competition.

SolidTune is a new breakthrough software solution that delivers savings in ink by an average of 3% in offset printing to meet demands for cost-effective and sustainable production methods. A unique algorithm optimizes solids and text after screening, before platemaking. By lowering ink consumption, reducing unwanted downtime, and enabling faster press speeds, printers will reap considerable productivity gains and a competitive advantage with SolidTune.

ECO3 Solid Tune visual 1200x800
ECO3 Solid Tune visual 1200x800


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Perfect for offset packaging printers

They can produce boxes and displays with the benefit of a much faster drying process, which means less costs on warehousing and faster delivery

Perfect for heatset offset printers

Thanks to SolidTune, they will use less energy for drying, making the production of books, magazines, catalogs, flyers and commercial print cheaper and more sustainable.

Perfect for coldset offset printers

Coldset offset printers who produce newspapers and paperback books will see ink usage drop, fewer web breaks and less see-through. SolidTune allows you to print on thinner paper, which will reduce costs.

We were already achieving a significant reduction in ink use with SPIR@L screening, but this improved even more when we included the SolidTune option. The print quality has also been enhanced: the contrast is now much better, the details are sharper, and the text much crisper, plus shine-through of black is visibly reduced.

Filippo Zamboni, CEO - FDA Eurostampa
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How it works

SolidTune is a technique that is embedded in the renderer within the Apogee or Amfortis prepress workflow. During the final stage of rendering a unique algorithm applies a randomized pattern or mask on solids, dots and text.

ink saving example
Left: traditional screening - Right: SPIR@L & SolidTune

Compared to traditional clipping curve techniques, SolidTune is better controlled and preserves the edges to produce ultra-sharp solids, text and unbroken lines. It is a very user-friendly and simple-to-use solution. Once installed, the SolidTune presets can be activated by ticking the appropriate check box in your Apogee or Amfortis job ticket.

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