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Agfa North America Expands GreenWorks Program

Encourages More Sustainable Practices With Ecological Software Solutions

Carlstadt, NJ – April 22, 2022

Agfa Offset Solutions (now ECO3) is taking steps to encourage and promote more sustainable printing practices with the expansion of its GreenWorksSM program. The GreenWorks initiative accredits customers in the graphic communications industry throughout North America who achieve greener outcomes through technology, products, services, and practices. Agfa is broadening the GreenWorks criteria to include PressTune, InkTune, and SPIR@L screening technologies. These ecologically beneficial software products help print manufacturers reduce ink consumption, save paper, and increase energy savings.

“By expanding the criteria for GreenWorks accreditation, we raise the bar for a more sustainable future,” states Dave Carey, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Agfa North America. “We applaud printers that target environmentally-safer operations with PressTune, InkTune, and SPIR@L screening and those who adopt our chemistry-free, process-free, or no-bake digital offset plates. Print manufacturers actively preserve, restore, and save resources by consciously choosing products and technologies with significant environmental benefits.  Expanding GreenWorks is a win-win for our customers, the industry, and the public.”

Agfa operates sustainably, responsibly, and transparently as part of its corporate strategy. Throughout its 150+ year history, Agfa has critically examined environmental and safety issues through each stage of a product’s lifecycle to provide the best manufacturing practices and solutions to meet its customers’ business needs while reducing waste and saving resources.

Agfa’s mission is to enable printing businesses to achieve profitable growth by offering innovative, sustainable ecological solutions. In recognizing customers with an environmentally-safer business approach, the company launched the GreenWorks initiative.

Every GreenWorks customer receives a marketing toolkit to help promote their environmental stewardship. It includes the GreenWorks logo, GreenWorks Certified digital badge, and suggested ways to promote their business. In addition, accredited GreenWorks companies receive content for their website, RFPs, digital ad templates, infographics that can be used in email and social media communications, search engine optimization support, and additional materials to help market their environmentally-safer business. GreenWorks- accredited companies may also be featured in Agfa public relations and the Agfa website.

To become GreenWorks accredited, printers purchase any one of Agfa’s process-free, chemistry-free, or no-bake printing plates and or its sustainable software solutions that are designed to reduce ink, paper, and waste. Printers must actively participate in other environmental programs, use alternate energy sources, and promote their commitment to sustainable practices.

The GreenWorks program is designed to reward and bring awareness to Agfa customers operating in more ecologically-responsible ways. Increasingly, print buyers are demanding more sustainable business operations and are committed to environmental stewardship. The GreenWorks program helps identify print manufacturers that operate sustainably.

Click here to learn more about GreenWorks and how to qualify for the program.

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